Sport has become one essential part in the modern lifestyles. Sports items like running, playing basketball or swimming are quite commonly seen in the daily life. You may always receive the asking like "How about playing basketball this Saturday?" from your friends. Equipped with a sport suit and a sneaker, many modern sportspeople would like to add them with a stylish sports watch. What are sports watches? Some people may have only the vague idea. Here is the detailed introduction of them. Seeing from the aspect of looks, sports watches always have the larger sizes than those ordinary wrist watches. The big and viewable watch cases are allowing people to gain the exact time easily during sports. So, you can find there are many big dials and large screens of such timepieces. Items for men and pieces for women are quite different in size. Compared with men's sports wrists, articles for women are slightly smaller in size. Of course, there are some special combo models of casual and sports watches. Observing sports wrists from the factor of materials, you will find that most of them are usually made from quality leather, plastic or fabric. The requirement of the top grade materials are relatively high because they have to withstand the testing of many rough and tough conditions during sports. Straps and glasses used in these pieces must be break resistant. The most distinguishable feature of sports watches are the special functions. For sportspeople, every inch of time is to be contested. So these timepieces should basically accommodate the excellent functions like timer and stop watch. The slightest error is no allowed. Moreover, almost every sports wrist features the water and heat resistance which makes it suitable for various environmental conditions especially under the water. People who are going hiking always need the sports watches which feature the pointing function. And modern items are even equipped with the GPS feature which is rather suitable for those adventurers. Now, you may have had a better understand of the sports watches. If fact, the sports wrists not only offer people the practical helps, but also greatly enhance the fashion tastes of the wearers. If you have owned one, you can tell the fantastic experience.