Since its creation, the luxury brand – Pemellato has been credited as the King of the Rings in the Europe. Among its fabulous rings, the Pom Pom series is one outstanding series that uses the most natural and the purest gems to create the gorgeous look of its rings. Each piece from Pom Pom series is unique. To celebrate its 40’s anniversary for the brand, 40 rings are designed by Pemellato which are categorized to the Pom Pom series. Each of the 40 rings is made-to-measured according to the specially chosen gems. Each of them is unique. About twenty of them have been displayed in the fashion shows in New York, Paris, Milan and Hamburg etc. Here below I’ll present five out of the forty to you so that you could grasp a general idea of them. NO.1 The one in the picture presented by Tilda Swinton is made of white gold and rose gold. The brownish red-coral big oval diamond stands out the gorgeousness of the ring. NO.2 The second one as showed in the picture is sparklingly decorated by phengites, hauynites and diamonds. The body of the ring is made of white gold. NO.3 The third one is made extraordinary by the large plengite. The diamonds and hauynites decorated on the white gold body are very glistening to stand out a person. NO.4 This one is adorned by three pieces of emerald gems which are clustered by small diamonds and small emerald gems on the white gold ring body. NO.5 The aquamarine on this piece stands out in the ring while the small diamonds and brown diamonds are also giving some gloss to it. The ring body is also made of white gold.