Wedding day is the biggest day in every lady’s life. What's more, wedding dress is the most significant part of wedding. Then a pair of wedding gloves is an accessory of your wedding. They add a bit of film star glamour and charm to you. Wedding gloves or bridal gloves strive to shelter you from much flesh exposure in a church wedding ceremony and they also give you proper protection from hot sun burning or chill wind. Sometimes, your wedding gloves make you be different from other wedding dressing. Then brief introduction will be helpful for you. Today, I'd like to share basic info about bridal gloves for your choice. According to the lengths of different wedding gloves, they can be classified in following types. Fingerless Wedding Gloves It is designed into different patterns, long ones or short ones. Though it could be chilly when you wear them in cold weather, they offer your slim hand and wedding ring the most exposure. In general, fingerless bridal gloves are  in ivory or white. And beads, pearl, lace and other details will be added to it. Elbow Wedding Gloves The ones end just above elbow. There are a large number of styles of this type. And you could choose the combination of fingerless and these elbow bridal gloves in your wedding day. Opera Wedding Gloves They are similar to elbow style, but usually extend to the upper arms. Gauntlet Wedding Gloves This is a kind of long gloves. It goes up to your upper arms and down to your wrist, but does not cover your hand. Wrist Bridal Gloves They are ordinary gloves and just cover the hand only. Usually they are made of lace, satin, velvet and organza. Apart from this classification, you could also define wedding gloves by its materials. Then next time, I'd like to share more information about bridal gloves. Hope you enjoy it!!