In this season, Christian Dior promotes its all-new products for ideal handbags, and the simple streamline design and the classic and daring circular rings inlayed with the label of Christian Dior are unique and attracting among crowds of handbags, which would be the first choice of daily handbags for women who love extremely wonderful quality in this season.     Christian Dior is one of the most unique and graceful patterns, which has meaning of double round in Italy. The word of double is not only showed in two overlapping round metallic rings, but is also showed in the double label etched in each round ring. Staggering and overlapping double round rings symbolize endless moving circles, just like the eternal classics represented by Aalvatore Ferragamo.     Besides, soft leather is another characteristic of this new handbag. The delicate ice-cream color and quietly elegant purple can build out luxuriant temperament in low profile. The unqiue round rings in golden color of this bag is enveloped in buffalo hide with pearly luster, whose light rays would spread out infinite charm. Furthermore, another attraction of this handbag is that it has low price which is affordable to anyone.     The precious double metallic round rings are not only luxuriant furnishing elements of Christian Dior handbags. The design of small double round rings on two sides would give more attracting shape and more changeable models to handbags while reinforcing bag body. All-new arc-shaped handle adopts uniform design with that of bag body, which can bring us smooth lines and modern feelings with unqiue originality.       Christian Dior represents a trendy bag brand, a new fashion imperial, whose design style is obvious and conspicuous, and it is the symbol of pioneering art with unique aesthetics. Why not have a try-try a new taste for your handbag.