The other day, when I was surfing the internet looking those fascinating jewelry information, I accidentally came across three pairs of earrings in sparrow design. I was attracted immediately by its cute design. Now, I can’t wait to share with you. This pair of sparrow-shaped earrings is very small in size, measuring in 15 x 11mm. The picture that attracted me shows two gold sparrows with their beak facing each other. It is lovely and cute. Made of high quality matte 16k gold, the two sparrow-shaped earrings bring a lovely and playful feel to anyone who looks at them. The second pair is very lovely too. They look like two tweeting birds twittering to each other. Although they looked smaller than the previous pair, actually they are of the same sizes as them, in 15 x 11mm. The little birds are white gold plated, showing a smooth and shiny body while the matching French short earwires are rhodium plated. The last pair of earrings I am going to share with you is the silver swinging bird earrings. The two little birds are resting on the swing with leaf-shaped pedants hanging from the top to give a natural sense to the earrings. The birds and the leaves are white gold plated and tarnish resistant while the hooks are plated with matching silver. The size of the earrings is 35 X 18mm with a entire length of 3/4 inches. They are so cute and refreshing. I just can’t help but adore those earrings. As spring is coming, lives on earth are awakening. And everything seems so lovely and vigorous. I think they would be very good accessories in the spring to give a fresh, young and lovely look. Hope you enjoy them and welcome you to share your opinion with me with comments.