Last time, I’ve introduced three concise platinum rings for the Valentine’s Day. As for some of my readers would like the more delicate designs, this time, I am going to introduce three more to you, which have a rather delicate instead of concise design. The Perfection The Perfection embraces a rather uneven design on the ring body, which breaks the traditional design way for a ring. The one for man looks smooth and shinny while the one for woman is presenting a gorgeous look with diamonds decorating the two sides of its parallel track design. It is quite delicate for a woman who pursues a fine life. The Darling Darling platinum rings These Darling platinum rings show a perfectly round look. The man’s ring and the woman’s ring is adopting the same design except the difference in size, with the man’s one relatively a little bit larger than the woman’s. The middle of the ring body is showing a delicate facet design which is quite different from the common edgy design. It endows the ring with a refined feeling. This Darling is simple but elegant and goes perfectly with people with fine taste. The Sincere Sincere platinum rings The Sincere has its ring’s edge decorated by fine grindings to present a strong texture look. The delicate grindings, with fine cuttings, are presenting a glistening look like well-cut small diamonds. It is gorgeous yet without being extravagant. It’ll make a perfect gift for the coming Valentine’s Day. Do you think so? Whether you like these delicate rings or the concise rings I introduced before, I wish you all could find the perfect gift for your sweetheart and happy Valentine’s Day.