Leggings are really hot these days. Recently Beyoncé was spotted to wear studded leggings, which caught the public attentions. In fact, no matter you are  singers, movie stars and other celebrities or you are common people, you will love to wear leggings. People loving them lie in their several advantages. Above all, they are comfortable. Most leggings are made of soft fabric. Wearing those makes you feel enjoyable. Then they are very versatile. They can be dressed up with your fancy upper cloth or dressed down in a very casual way. That is to say, you don’t have to buy more cloth. Different ways to wear your own leggings help you enhance your strategies to be fashionable. They enjoy a wide variety of lengths and colors as well. They are different from traditional pants which are more fixed no matter in lengths and styles. They are usually designed in a large amount of ways to develop fashion. More and more designers have made leggings as a part of his or her designed dress. And various lengths offer you more opportunities to make your leggings go with your whole dressing style. As for colors, it also enlarges your choices for you. Concerning functions leggings provide, they offer your legs proper protections from cold weather if necessary. Comparing with other luxury fashion accessories, leggings are very inexpensive. You could prepare several leggings for your occasions and dressing styles in every season. Do you have your own leggings?? Prepare several to update your wardrobe!!