In our mind Rolex watches is the symbol of the luxury, but in the past few years the British company Pro Hunter started to make Rolex watches with hunting compatible and it is also inheriting its luxurious characteristics. This Luxury Hunting Watches were coated with PVD material to make them black and inconspicuous. The idea is that the black color prevents reflection of the sun, something that could easily frighten away an animal. So it is a necessity for Hunter. But not only hunters are interested in the brand; successful public figures and celebrities like Bill Clinton and John Mayer have been seen wearing Pro Hunter-tuned Rolex watches. And also it is suitable for all kinds of people. At the same times designers keep their minimalism with leather or cloth bracelets. The prices are about twice as high as regular Rolexes, and each series is limited to 100 pieces. So it is a best collection for Rolex enthusiast.