How can a black leather bag grasp the numerous envious glances? The answer is the dazzling decorations. Firstly, this Marc Jacobs tote bag is made of the Stam suede leather materials which greatly ensure the superior quality and durability. Speaking the fashionable feeling, it is just with the simple design. However, simple is always the best interpretation of fashionable styles.

Most people may have recognized that the embellishments on the bag are of numerous twinkling faceted black stones which are the most marvelous ornaments in the pure black surface. The uneven design gives this bag a sophisticated touch as well as sparkling enforcement. But the fashionable and sparkling exterior doesn’t stop at the opulent stones; there is also the bright gold hardware which is loudly saying the fashion words. Have you seen the little gold logo-stamped padlock in the front? It is spicing the exquisite black piece.

On the both sides of it, there is the detachable gold chain which is extending to the gold kiss clasp at top. Its strap is linked by the four gold circles. If perfection is with the features such as simple, classic, elegant and fashionable sparkling, this Marc Jacobs tote bag must be counted in the perfection lists. 
With the Stam suede leather, the simple yet elegant structure, the twinkling faceted black stones and the bright gold hardware, this Marc Jacobs tote is surely to take most modern fashion women. If you are absolutely a craze of black bag, you should not miss this god-given fashion treasure.