Despite what the critics have to say about the disadvantages involved in availing of debt consolidation loans, it is still one of the more effective methods to deal with bad credit. This is because it offers unparalleled convenience and a whole slew of advantages that cannot be achieved through other re-financing methods. Indeed, debt consolidation is an easy and effective debt management strategy available to most. Coupled with discipline, one could easily fight off debt in no time. For those who are considering of availing of this option but are still undecided, here are the top four advantages you can get from bad credit debt consolidation.

#1 Lower Monthly Payment and Interest Rates

The idea behind debt consolidation is that you will lump together all your existing debts from various companies and agencies. The lending company will negotiate with creditors on your behalf so that you will be able to reduced interest rates that should not add upon top of your existing debts. With renegotiation, they will be able to reduce the interest rates by at least 5%, saving the client at least $200 a month, depending on the principal balance. Debt consolidation loans also make it possible to lower monthly payments because of the renegotiated payment terms.

#2 Debt Counseling

Companies that provide debt consolidation loans will not just provide the loan upfront, they will also include counseling to their clients in order to create a personal debt management plan for such clients. This is highly beneficial because speaking with a financial counselor will allow you to identify the common roots of your problems with regards to debt payment (or inability to do so). The company experts will not just provide bad credit debt consolidation advice, they will also teach you to handle your finances well and change your attitude toward spending and saving.

#3 Simplified Payment

Perhaps one of the most important conveniences of a consolidated loan is that it makes the payment process simple and very easy to manage. Certainly, most are unable to juggle more than three bill payments in one month- each with a different due date, interest rate calculation, and so on. If you have more than three to manage, then you will surely know how confusing it could be to track all of these. With bad credit debt consolidation, you no longer need to track so many bill payment issues in a month, because you will only be handling just one bill payment, and that is for the consolidated loan. Then, depending on the loan type, the company would either distribute the payment for you or keep it if they have already paid off all your previous debts.

#4 Improved Credit Score

Finally, with a consolidated loan, you will be able to gradually work on improving your credit score since you will eventually reduce your debts in no time. It is true that various factors affect your credit score, including late payments, unpaid bills, and other negatives. With a consolidated loan, you will be able to erase these negatives and start putting positive marks on your credit report. From now on, you will be able to pay on time and not default on any loans anymore.