Flower pattern in 2011 spring & summer is no more abstract, but  with something more decorative, classical, traditional or vintage. What  we see in this new 2011, flowers are the real ones we see every day,  which is showing us another feeling of art. Paris’ flower pattern is  more relax and refresh, which is not as the same as Milan’s. In D&G Show, you can see everything about flowers can be added in  your wearing and the mail color will always fewer than three. This show  means you can wear flower-pattern uniforms, flower trousers, and flower  headband, and all flower accessories you can add on you if you like  well. Flower is the king here. Milan’s intensive flower: God says there must be flowers, so every  part body is blooming now. Personal flower matches is made by London,  flower painting mixed with creative topic will attract others eyes in a  second. London’s creative flowers are: big flower hat with flower  handbag-outstanding wearing matches you have to choose! New York designer expresses flower in another graceful and mature  way. New York’s Oscar grace is shown here, the whole body painting fits  every occasion you are in, and this kind new grace makes mature women  find their place easier in this flower prevailing. Also we are surprised to find another style flower show in Stella  Mccartney and Dries Van Noten, which relax you well, not something  enchanting any more. If you are a person who is pursuing simple and  rationality, then you can try it. Paris’ graceful flowers: all flower  paintings are designed in details, which have a total correct beauty.  Color can be graceful but must be natural. Design is outstanding, simple  with cute luxury.