Ring is a decorative jewelry wearing on fingers. The materials can be mental, diamond, plastic and bone.                 metal ring   According to the record, wearing a ring has been a 4000 years history  in China. In the Qin dynasty, it was an ordinary that women worn rings.  Rings had become prevail in Tang dynasty as token of love and this  meaning was passed on. The reason why design rings as a circle is that circle symbolizes the  sun. So circle ring just like the sun-god (Apollo) will bring the  humans heat, protect the safety and happiness of humans, and symbolizes  virtue, truth and belief. In the wedding ceremony, groom wearing a gold  ring means the fiery-red sun, while bride’s silver ring symbolizes the  bright moon. They are perfect match. Now that there are many means of wearing a ring, what should you do  if you do not want to reveal something secret? I would like to introduce  you a ring that is designed in forms of flowers. This kind of rings is  ordinary decoration and you can wear them on any finger without rules.                 flower ring   In the world, there are many famous brands of ring.                 cartier   Cartier ring has 160 years history. It enjoyed the reputation of  “emperor’s jeweler and jeweler’s emperor”. Cartier Trinity is one of  most famous rings.                 Cartier Trinity   The earliest classic design is made of three different materials that  are platinum, gold and rosy-gold. They three cross together to express  “Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You”.                 tiffany metro   Tiffany is growing into an outstanding representative by virtue of  the innovative craft. It used unique blue as mark to express its  treasure and elegance in 1837. It was famous for diamond and silver  decorations. It is embodiment of America design, focuses on love, beauty, romance  and dream. One of the most distinguished designs is inlay craft, which  inlays diamond on the ring base so that strengthen its splendor in  sensory beauty. I DO ring                 I DO RING   I do is the model ring brand in the world. It was founded 2006 and  the diamonds are all from South Africa, the leading diamond production.  It has exquisite incision craft to ensure every diamond is in excellent  level. I do adopt many inlay methods and has consumer-friendly designs  so that you can get a satisfying ring.