Bvlgari, one of the famous jewelry brands, is famous for the special  design in the world. Here I welcome you to enjoy the jewelry feast in  the following part. Bvlgari jewels combine various kinds of colors with the traditional  design. Based on the excellent skill and high quality, Bvlgari jewels  focus on the elegance of the whole jewel with extraordinary gems  decoration. Thus, Bvlgari jewel becomes the work of art for people to  enjoy.  One of the major features of Bvlgari style is the combination of gem  and colors, and it is totally express in this diamond. Emerald and round  line necklace with a tassel of briolette – cut blue and pink carnelian.       This earrings with a pair of velvet blue cabochon sapphires, adorns  by diamonds and diamond series stretching a line of emeralds.  This  bracelet is like mandarin garnets. It is a terrific work to accomplish  this bracelet. The diamonds and gems in sides decorate the centre big  emerald, and the contrast makes the bracelet fills of power and  elegance.  Cocktail ring – it features with dark ruby and diamonds, setting off the various colors of a rubellite.       This snake-like design centering a perfect/excellent pear shaped  diamond, embroidered by pear shaped and conical baguette diamonds  peculiarly cut to follow the outline of this precious necklace.