Do you want to know the flashy manicure trends in the upcoming year? Do you want to decorate your own nails with the most colorful and fabulous designs?? Please follow me to see these samples in Hello Kitty Nail Art 2011. Eye-catching? Stunning? Chic? Do you find the appropriate words to describe them in your first glance? There is no doubt that if you make your nails in these ways, you will be very sought-after among your friends who are fashion-goers. As anyone knows, Hello Kitty is one of the most popular and beloved animated characters across the world, no matter in fashion circles or nail art field. And this year, it will launch this Hello Kitty pattern nail design to carter to its followers and nail painting lovers. I know that any pattern is tempting and you can’t wait for trying them. However, before cheering up your nails and manifesting your fashion attitudes, please carefully following their instructions to use these evolving manicure techniques. In the process of your nail painting, releasing your imagination and creativity is very important to accomplish your dreamy outcome. The above samples have offered you some inspirations to decorate your nails. As for colors, much exploration serves you to find the one that best suits your skin tone and personality. Hope you enjoy them!