I believe that everyone is afraid to buy the fake brand products, especially for the luxury lovers. After all, the fake and even high copy products are increasingly appeared on the market. Thus, when you encountered a LV bag, how do you know whether it is certified or not? Don’t worries, now these kinds of accessories also have their identity card, just like money and cars have anti-fake labels so that we can identify which is false. Here is several methods I collected to help you identify LV bags. 1. When you get a brand new LV bag, you can have a deep breathing and smell its leather taste originally from itself. Because the imitation cannot launch such smell, but the new LV bag must have such natural smell that is mixed up with a little bit grasslands pine tree taste. 2. The first letter of the country name must be capitalized, for instance, “made in France”. The “F” will be capitalized. 3. All the LV accessories will have LV’s logo. 4. When you are selecting LV Monogram bags, you should notice the Monogram’s quality. It is a kind of special carves, adding some of flame resistant materials. Thus, you can feel that it is concavo-convex when touching it by hands. 5. There is hidden serial number in the edge of the leather’s commissure, which is indicating this bag’s manufacture place and date. Here are some of them provided for your reference: France: A0.A1.A2.AA.AN.AR.AO.AS.Al.AC.BA.BU.CA.CI.CT.ET.FA.FH.FL.FR. LM.LO.MB.MI.MO.MX.NO.ND.OS.OU.RA SD. SL SN..SP.SR.TH.VI.VR.VX etc. Spain: CA(EPI etc) LM.LO.MO(M-color) Italy: SA USA: FH.FF.OS.SD Of course, the serial number will be positioned in different place according to its series. But you can totally find it as long as you pay more attention on it. In addition, the definitive products have their own definitive serial number, which is made up by its different stigma number. Hope this article can give you a little help when choosing LV bags, good luck!