Sexy sheath Cocktail Dresses with strapless neckline and knee-length hemline
Shiny concise elastic stain perfect laminating body curve, cooperate without shoulder belt design, show attractive on the shoulder. Simultaneously also has the photograph collocation coat options are available, coat also USES a fine lace serves as adornment. Skirt adopted multilayer forewords bud silk embroidery design, a ring of a ring around skirt around, manifests the luxuriant nobility. Short skirt of design better showing inviting legs curve.

Formal dress with coat and knee-length hemline
Formal coat design, applicable to attend all kinds of formal occasion. The waist match with fashionable tape, show the perfect figure curve. Using sexy fashionable dress skirt design, perfect show the calf curve. Forewords bud silk and exquisite manual embroidery covering the skirt, more let you appear extraordinary.

Formal sheath dress with coat and knee-length hemline
Formal coat design, applicable to attend all kinds of formal occasion. Close-fitting clipping show perfect figure curve. Skirt side using large area transparent clear bud silk as adornment, skirt USES the elegant manual embroidery, add a few decorous temperaments.

Fantasy column dress with strapless neckline and corset bodice
Incomparable unprecedented exquisite embroidery adhesion in tights. Using the semi-transparent grey shading, add sparkle beads ornament, show luxuriant and elegant. Concise fashion Flower Girl Dresses vertical down, extending from the ground, better show special temperament.

Fantasy sheath dress with sexy v-neck
Sexy asymmetry V design, show confidence temperament. Process complex dainty embroidery decoration in aglet and waist. The modelling of high-grade taffeta manufacturing from left shoulder around to right waist, then extends to the left hip. Joint figure dress characterizes lithe and graceful curve.

Classic a-line dress with strapless neckline
Formfitting clipping craft, display and lithe and graceful lumbar curve. Add has a complicated process of elaborate design of lace embroidery and classic adornment, more show decorous and luxuriant. The traditional a - line formative skirt used on 3 laps around the large-area embroidery workmanship, and upper part of the body echo, integral aesthetic feeling revealed undoubted.

Fashionable sheath dress with sweetheart neckline and brush train
Sexy fashionable sweetheart neckline use the asymmetric design. Luxuriant shiny embroidery from the right chest part stretches right hip parts. Many folds of high-grade taffeta clinging to the body, perfect show a body curve. Skirts are used openings design, can show the beautiful legs. Add imaginative glistening scales adornment, more show of the ordinary and fashion.