Let us face it; you have few weeks left to improve your credit score. You want to boost your score in order to be eligible to a home or car loan with a very low interest rate and with no income verification. Therefore, do you know how to improve your credit score quickly?

Bad credit score has several consequences in your loan application. You might not be accepted because you are considered as a high risk borrower or you can get accepted to a loan that has very high interest. Low credit score will always get you high interest rate loans. Creditors and lenders may even charge you additional fees for having a poor credit score because they know that you are a great risk.

You can start boosting your credit score by seeking professional counsel and help. Credit experts will guide you to create a proper game plan that you must follow. However, you have to pay their service of repairing your credit. Repair of your credit will start by getting your credit score from the three credit bureaus. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are the three credit bureaus that calculate your score and they differ from one another most of the time. Credit score is the most vital basis in your application for credits and your score determine any other loans, interest rates and other loan requirements. Credit history in your credit report is the one that directly influence the score. Therefore, you should obtain a copy of your report from the credit bureaus. Now that you have both the credit report and score, you should now that the quickest way to improve your credit score is by making a move to remove the negative items listed in your report. Disputing is the process of removing any derogatory items and this is your right according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. By disputing means, you are telling the creditors that you have already paid off these collections. As you dispute it to the credit bureaus, they will inform the creditors about it, and they have 30 days to investigate it. Showing proof of payments to the creditors will make the investigation faster.

Another way on how to improve your credit score quickly is by paying bills on time and you must make it a habit. Delinquent payment will harm your score and if you miss to pay them, you should take corrective action as soon as possible. As you pay all your unpaid bills, ask for a payoff letter or deletion letter. These letters are your proof that you have already paid the collection. Also, ask if your creditor will delete items that you have already paid for this action will increase your score fast.

For preventive measures, think twice if you are applying for opening or closing credit account. If you add or remove credit card accounts rapidly, your score may go down. Therefore, you should take it slow like closing old and unused accounts once in every two months or more. In addition to that, never spend more than 30% of your credit card limit for spending more than you really need hurt your score.

Credit score improvement is not as easy as you think. It is a continuous effort that needs time and persistent from you. You should take appropriate action to improve your score like the ones listed here.