If you are a fashion lady, you may find IT Bag has been ignored for a long time, and there are less and less fashion ladies will choose this kind handbag. But if you put your eyes on Hollywood super stars, you will see every one of them favorite this Chloe IT bag well, and every time they are shopping or walking outside, there will be always a Chloe Marcie bag in their hands. Chloe is super stars’ beloved handbag. Ellen Pompeo Ellen Pompeo’s simple white sweater matches with trousers and boots perfectly, with this ligh beige Chloe Marcie, another warm feeling in this winter comes to you. Julie Bowen Julie Bowen loves bringing her Marcie while she is shopping because this huge Chloe handbag is really practical, which can hold everything you use here. Also if you buy some tinny small things, you can always put them here. Really practical and durable. Jessica Alba It is hardly to see Jessica brings a small bag with her because she’s always a super fan of big handbags. This Marcie handbag uses rare calfskin to show its full figure to all lady, which makes Jessica crazy about it! Christina Hendricks Marcie’s handbags are designed originally from the 70th classical style, which expresses a simple line to fit women’s right figure. Also, with the unique combination of vintage color painting and modern feeling, everything here fits Christina perfectly. Katie Holmes Katie’s python skin Marcie is colored by pure plants, whose rich color dimension will be increased by time, and then show you a rich color beauty. What’s more, the metal color painted in this bag is graceful, which has some feeling about beauty and tradition. Rachel Bilson Rachel Bilson’s wearing is always leisure and simple, jeans clothes’s blue color matches with Marcie handbag perfectly, which really highlight her in a sudden. Anna Paquin Leather coat, T-shirt, jeans shorts, Anna always wears simple and clean. With something vintage, simple design black Marcie seems so cool in her hands. Miranda kerr Miranda’s this small Chloe Marcie bag the hot-seller after its releasing, and this mini does not only suitable to any travel but also a party. So Miranda always brings her Chloe in any occasion.