Brooch, decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, is usually made of metal, silver or gold, even bronze and some other materials. Brooches are frequently decorated with gemstones or enamel. It plays a role of fastening, but now they have been used as ordinary decorations for women. Fibula Roman brooch A brooch was known as a fibula in ancient times. It was earlier used as an ornament clasp used by Romans, Greeks, Germanic people and Celts and migratory tribes in Europe from the early Bronze Age. The brooch had their national, ethnic and religious features in the ancient times. Fibula was shaped with a pin onto it so as to hold clothing together. Different kinds of fibula meant the different identity of the wearers, and classes. At that time, fibula were designed elaborately for antique dress, and simple ones were part of Roman military equipment. hair brooch brooch-hair Start from the eighteenth century, the Victorian era, brooch was fashionably used in hair and portraiture. Human hair was encased within brooch and woven into a hair style. Also, it was used into miniature brooch portraits to incorporate hair. Two sided brooches displayed a portrait on one side and a lock of hair on the other. Now, there is fashionable trend that women like to comb using the elaborated brooch to fix the hair. With a hair brooch, you can design your hair willingly and it will embellish you look more attractive. Diamond brooch diamond brooch Diamond has been conventionally regarded as the king of jewelry. The special feature  is the strong refraction. When you wear a diamond brooch, you will be dazzling and attractive in many people, even if you are in crowd. If you would like to buy a diamond brooch, you should better choose a colorless one. The heavier color it is, the worse quality it has. But the red, pink, green and blue diamond brooches are genuine with expensive prices. Flower brooch flower brooch There is a trend of designing flower styles. You can pick out a satisfactory ring because there are a great number of flowers styles to choose. If you are fond of a kind of flower, you can invite a professional designer to make you an exclusive. That will be very significant. In the flower style, these gold petals are shine and dazzling so that gives you a feeling of warmth. If you wear the same style necklace, you will be in a retro style. Feather brooch feather brooch The feather is covered in the outside. It is light, flexible and water-proof. When you wear a feather brooch, you would not be afraid to be dirty with drinking or eating. The feather will be jumpy with your move, and it can reflect you in a good mood just like in an athletic state. No matter what kind of garments you wear, you can match a brooch with it. It is a decoration to increase your charm. Wearing a delicate brooch will make you attractive and beautiful; it will also strengthen or weaken the notice in some parts of body so as to make a perfect match between your garments and jewelry. A brooch should be worn at the balance position between the first and second fastener.