For people who often go abroad, because of the time difference so they don’t know clearly the time between the homes and abroad, now this multi-time zone luxury wrist watches will help you to solve this problem. The watch makes luxury timepieces. One of their coolest collections is their six time zone watches for trendsetters who jet all over the world. Wealthy trendsetters who can afford the $8,500 price tag will be getting diamond studded watches. The strap is easily swappable for another color strap for the fashion conscious. For those who prefer less fashionable colors, their other collections do include the classic watch colors. Their multi-time zone watches also include those which cover just three time zones. Even if you didn’t travel or have a need to know what time it is in other parts of the world, these are still pretty cool looking watches. Without the diamonds, these watches might just become affordable. So it is the best choice for the businessman and some state leaders you can easy know other countries time, and also it is the symbol of fashion, you will be worth it.