Since  the ancient times, necklaces have become a significant part of jewelry.  It is believed that necklaces were born about 40,000 years ago, as old  as the Stone Age. At that time, people liked to decorate themselves with  mollusk necklaces. As the time goes by, various kinds of necklaces came  into birth and became more and more popular, such as those made of  animal bones or teeth, stones, shells, strung or thread. Later, after  the discovery of gold and silver and other varieties of metals,  necklaces made of metals were favored by both men and women. In ancient  Egyptian, necklaces with pendants and beads necklaces were quite  popular. Also, we may notice that a kind of necklaces which are made of  colored stones and gemstones were adored by many people.       Necklaces  have been regarded as the symbol of cultural and religious beliefs. You  may still remember the various kinds of fantastic necklaces worn by  Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Also lots of historical paintings of Thebes  can tell us about how popular necklaces are in the ancient civilization.  At the  present time, necklaces are still popular and significant for people of  all the classes. They are taken as the symbol of cultural or religious  beliefs, just like cross, the images of Jesus or saints;   Also,  they are considered as to show the social and wealth status. They are  all perfect gifts to someone special in your life; it is an excellent  way for you to express your deep sincere feelings for the one you love  much.