Jewelry  has become very popular in our life, but many people have no idea about  how to protect and maintain it, especially that made of metals.  They  would go bleak without protecting and maintaining. What can we do to  keep it lustrous? 1 Don't wear it during rough manual work. Keep it away from harsh chemicals and abrasive surfaces so as not to be damaged. 2 Store  it properly in a dry and cool place for rust protection. We’d better  maintain it in sealed plastic bags or things like that, and then cover  it with a jewelry box. Do not wear it to go swimming or get close to hot  springs or sea water. If you wear it under this circumstance, please  remember to wipe it gently with a cotten cloth or tissue paper, and then  store it in some cool and dry place preventing it from the air.  3  Sometims,  sweat excreted from our body may damage the metal jewelry, we  should clean it regularly. Soap and water can be used to wash it, and  then we can wipe it by a cotton cloth or a soft brush. If your jewelry  is tarnished, you can use a commercial polish, paste or tarnish-removing  wipe. 4 Check  the jewelry regularly in order to ensure that prongs and bezels are  intact. If it is neceaary,  have a professional repair. Small  cleaning tips: put some paste on the metal surface, add a little bit  water and rub to make some bubbles, wash it clean with water, and then  wipe it to dry, then you may see your precious metals restore its gloss.