Woman Spring Summer 2011, Massimiliano Giornetti launched a series of new spring summer fashion shoes. They shown many Limited-absolute samples in the conference, all of  them are artificially made and made of special leather and template.  Every style attaches the trademark which was designed for Salvatore  Ferragamo by futuristic painter Lucio Venna 1930. These shoes not only  take the history mark of the famous brand, but also can be treated as  elegant and luxury curiosa, they are worth to be treasured.   Salvatore Ferragamo 2011  LAUREN—a pair of small cowhide shoes which was around two laps by  shoelaces, It was raised in the front part and the heel is also cowhide  wedges.  LAUREN  FUTURISTA—a pair of shoelace s shoes, the vamp is pieced by grid  patterns in different colors, this style was designed in a early period  and then developed to be a fashion form.  FUTURISTA  RARAINBOW—a new style shoes which is made of golden sheepskins and  have soft sole and colorful heel. It is designed for an actor—Judy  Garland, it is the most famous one among all special shoes designed foe  famous stars, also it show the perfect combing between style and color  of shoes brands.  RAINBOW  WEDGE—this style shoes has soft sheepskins vamp and three lays cork  material heel, it was designed in last century by Peggy Guggenheim who  is a famous patron in art field, and also it is praised as a great  creation in fashion.  WEDGE  SALVATORE—a pair of men laces shoes, made of soft cowhide and marked  little colors on the vamp. It is the only one men shoes designed by  Salvatore Ferragam, and he often wear this pair, the painters Andy  Warhol also give a very high praise for this style of men shoes, even he  wear this style shoes when once he plane to paint for the little color  became great resource.