Anne Hathaway, one of the most excellent actresses in the  world, is famous for her beauty. Her porcelain complexion, big brown  eyes and smooth hair make her become one of the Hollywood idols in the  world. While in her new film, she looks like flawless. Today we have a  look at the products that Anne uses to add her beauty.  Whether if you notice that Anne Hathaway’s face always be finished with red lipstick. This Maybelline lipstick is one of her favorites; it can completely cover her pale complexion and dark brown hair, and give her a shining look.  In order to protect the creamy skin of her, Anne chooses La Roche Posay’s  super strength SPF. This product can totally protect people’s skin from  the sun and keeps the skin fresh and moisture. It contains no grease  and can protect your skin all the year round, even under make – up.  Chanel flawless foundation  is beloved by many stars and celebrities, as well as Anne. This  foundation suits to Anne who has a beautiful look that likes a perfect  picture. Of course, you can use a sponge with this product to give you a  shining look for parties or gatherings. While Anne suggests you to use  your fingertips to mix the foundation into the skin, thus makes the skin  adopts the foundation totally and show you a perfect look.  Anne acts as assistant of a magazine editor in the Devil Wears Prada,  and then she earn a lot of praises among fashion types. All these take  her a further step from her cute Princess Diary image. This eye liner  liquid gives Anne a pair of beautiful eyes. The most important that Anne  love it is that it stays tight all day long.  Lancôme's Hypnôse is Anne's top mascara. This formulation can give volume and separation for the fluttery lashes that we like today.  Anne loves perfume with its feminine rose fragrance and multi –  faceted red bottle. The scent of the perfume applies to day and night,  and you can spray it at any occasions.