Necklace has become a must for many people, and there are various kinds of necklaces for us to choose. But which is the most suitable one for you? We cannot neglect the direct influence of necklaces over the image of the neck itself, it is necessary to choose one which can best set off the neck. Actually, not many people can notice that a best choice of necklace can greatly improve the beauty of the neck and furtherly enhance the beauty of your whole image. The one whose neck is relatively long and thin is not suitable for a necklace that is too long. Because this kind of necklace may make the neck seem much longer. It is advisable to choose a short but delicate one just like a neck ring. Besides, light-colored ones are favored here to highlight the beauty of the neck. For the ones whose neck is relatively short and thick, a necklace which is longer or with a pendant that is rectangular or of longitudinal extension is better, since the V-type line of the necklace chain can create a feeling of longitudinal extension which can achieve the effect that the neck is also long.