Have you ever think of owning a charming and special bracelet? If you do, come and enjoy the following bracelets that I show to you. This charming bracelet has a glistening look. It made of stainless steel with fashionable style. The bold link bracelet features a round disc-styled charm, specialized with one letter in an elegant script. Refined to a brilliant shine, this 7.0-inch bracelet secures with a round clasp. It’s ladies’ bracelet and brings them delight. This bracelet stands for the special family linkage. It made of stainless steel, and nine flat discs are joined together in appropriate way. You can write the names of your family members on the discs. Discs can be specialized totally to seven characters each. One thing you should notice is that if there are less than nine names, there will be blank on the discs of the bracelet. This charm bracelet is made of durable stainless steel with fashionable style, and it is polished to an excellent shine. In addition, a dog-tag style can be individualized with total five names, and each line with up to seven letters. This bracelet meatures 8.0 inches in length and fastens with a clasp. The girl whom you love will miss heart to you if you send her this charm bracelet. This bracelet, with chunky links which can be treated as a counterpoint, is the best choice for a guy to ask for one’s hand. In one side of it, there is an elegant gold hangs flirtatiously. The heart – shaped gold can be specialized with her name of some meaning letters. Remember the name or the word should be control in eight letters. This bracelet measures 7.5 inches in length and fastens with a toggle clasp. This bracelet is the best choice for a guy to show his love for his lover. The lock and the key are the special features of this bracelet. They stand for the permanence promise to love. The bracelet also made of stainless steel in fashionable style, and the hearted – shaped item can be personalized with her name of some sweet words – up to eight letters. This bracelet measures 8.5-inch in length and with a clasp to fasten.