In flagstones road, a clear sound from a pair of shoes raised, then, a beautiful turn lived in a girl’s memory. A thin heel and delicate vamp attracted me, I saw you, in a sweet smelt appeared in your face. I did not know your name and where you were from; the only thing I know was that I fascinated your shoes. It seemed to Cinderella’s crystal shoe of the fairy tale and it would take happiness to the Prince and Cinderella. I dreamed I can wear it one day, like you, to show elegant turn, to speak softly, smile faintly, I always thought that all secrets of women were their heel shoes. I remember that mom bought me a pair of black rounded-head shoes in my early age, its special characteristic is a piece of metal attached in the heel, now I know it is used for preventing wear off the shoes heels, but in that time I just like it as a plaything, I wear them to walk in the flagstone road in school to listen to their voices, I just wanted to imitate you. My mom is a laborious woman and she did not have high-heel shoes, but was eager to wear my high-heel shoes day and night and walked every place to left beautiful sounds. I have stored my little dream for many years, platform shoes were fashion in schoolyard in my ignorant girlhood, however, it was an interesting thing in my memory, often, the director of teaching took a ruler to forbid student wear platform shoes in school gate, because more than three centimeters heel was not allowed to appear the school, but students always liked to buy shoes, we like to wear personality clothing and shoes, then we became naughty students. Then I entered to university, having left home, I will never be stopped in school gate to rule shoe heels, I did not wear my platform shoes until it broken in my train journey. As a freshman, I was suddenly afraid of wearing high-heel shoes, because I felt great pressure first time when I saw seniors’ girls who wearing high-heel shoes and shown sorrows in their eyes. High-heel shoes will be never the beginning of happiness of prince and his Cinderella, but a starting to enter society for a girl. It meant that I would never a naughty girl; I will never awake in sunshine with my lovely bear toy. Wearing a pair of high-heel shoes, I tell myself I can be independent, I will overcome every challenges and support myself from today, but I am afraid the high-heels and the sounds of them. I got a pair of high-heel shoes in my junior. I was attracted when I saw it at first glance in a shoe house, beautiful style and color is my dream one. I bought them, though the seller told me it is very steady wear this pair to walk, I understood it is not an easy work to wear them to make beautiful sound in flagstones road. From platform shoes to high-heel shoes, a girl began to learn to communicate with society. From story to reality, I became serious in every interview, a girl became a lady. Today, I can show a beautiful turn and give everyone sweet smell just as that memory seed in many years ago, but now, I am not happy instead of melancholy feeling. It is just a difference shoes from a girl to a lady, also it is a height of shoes’ high heels. Today, I will never be afraid as before for I understand only I can control my happiness, high-heel shoes just gives me a stage. I can still wear pair of canvas shoes to buy me toys, also I can wear suit to face different occasions. High- heel shoes still gives me a happy feeling of princess’ story, if one day, I will be the happiest bride when I step onto the red carpet. Thin heels, delicate appearance, beautiful turn, is happiness expectations, also the place to start a happy life.