In the conference of new spring and summer female shoes, several new  shoes appear,now let’s follow the new trend of the new season shoes.  Alexander McQueen   Alexander McQueen  Alexander McQueen, they always give us great surprise in every design  season. Even the founder has passed away,  Sarah Burton still continue  this tradition. In the new season design, shoes that imitate from the  main characteristics of the nature attract people deeply. It seems that  butterflies stand in plenty petals, it can be treated as a piece of  perfect sculpture.  Christian Dior 2011   Christian Dior  Christian Dior, they go on the coxcombical path more or less. The new  focus in this season is the great color confliction. Belt- high-heeled  shoes, from its ribbons, sole, vamp to heel, all form a color summon  platter. In the same time ,it meets the theme of recovery of bright  colors in spring and summer 2011.  Yves Saint Laurent 2011  Yves Saint Laurent, wood- wedges -shoes, it is never a mysterious in  the design of heel shoes, however the excellence factor of Yves Saint  Laurent is the perfect  feelings of lines. Compared with its eaves style  shoes, 3.1Phillip Lim is more like a cumbersome stumbling block.  Carolina Herrera  Carolina Herrera, minimalism is a so well kind in shoes design, but  it  not means that they are lack of changes, in the show stage of  Gianfranco Ferre, Six-egdes-heel shoes give us the true meaning of  minimalism. Carolina Herrera met creatively around red line over the  shoes, and give the shoes a design feeling. Ann Demeulemeester, Whole-white- fish-mouth boots, it give us a same  feeling that there is a long distance between   ground and dust.  Designers in New York contribute much to shoes designing. A new season is coming, are you prepare to show an attractive model?  From the conference and the certificate details of our Shoe House,  should not you choose a perfect pair for you? If  you want to be the perfect one, Let’s go!