Trace back to the Neolithic age that was almost 4000-5000 years  before, human beings discovered gold and used it into life. Because of  gold dazzling shine, humans gave it “dazzling dusk” in Latin and “the  tangible sun” in ancient Egypt. And gold was regarded as wealth reserve  when it was used as heavy metal for it had sound stability and rareness.  Out of its special natural property, gold was endowed with social  property, namely, as a currency function.                 gold standard   In a long history, gold was used as a global circulating currency.  And some capitalist countries carried out Gold Specie Standard from  later 19century to early 20century. This trend made gold transfer freely  without artificially manipulating. And that guaranteed the stability in  foreign exchange market and united in global financial market.                 gold symbolize wealth   Up to present, gold still symbolizes wealth owing to its maintenance  of value in accordance with international convention and it’s easy to  preserve. So, gold jewelries are favored by the world. The traditional  golden corresponds with the taste of gold jewelry in modern young people  absolutely without losing fashion. The gold jewelry package includes:  earring, bracelet, necklace and ring. The romance knight ring                 romance knight ring   The unique design and the changeable shadow out of interlaced lines  give you a multiple angles to enjoy the beauty sights. The conservative  style will express your deeply love in heart and make a romantic  atmosphere when you are dating with your girl friend. Men's bracelet                 men's bracelet   For  a long time, I thought that bracelets are exclusive for women. I   was  very surprised when I looked this term and picture. Actually, men   also  have a right to enjoy beauty by wearing bracelets. Comparison  with   women’s bracelets, men’s designs are tend to be concise and  ambitious   and have unique charm without a little high-profile and show  off.   Certainly, the choice is up to you. Because it can reflect your  taste,   you should choose one that can show your unique charm fully. Men’s collar bar is also a catching-eye decoration. It is used to fix  the tie and can avoid your tie sway to affect tour working, eating and  so on. Gold collar bar could make you more decisive and ambitious, bring  you an impressive appearance. It can gain much respect for you because  of its noble feature.                 men's collar bar   Reminder: no matter what aims do you have, you must be wise to make  any purchases plan of gold jewelry. If it is beyond your budget, that  will be terrible. Nevertheless, you also need to catch up with the  fashionable trends. More information about gold jewelry is in update.