Inspired from the classic handbag CC turnlock, Chanel signiture earrings come out with their unique and special shine and elegance. This signiture earring is made of metal chain interlaced with ribbon. The colour matching of black and gold would make you enjoy the lustrous shine of gold and the elegance of black. You would enjoy the perfect touch of fine cut design of silver and the sparking pave cystals. The shining earring with the specific Chanel logo would give more self-confidence. You are holding the shine of the universe. How about this pair? Are you moved by the shining gold and the full metalic texture? The very design of earrings with Chanel signiture together with the visual shock due to the fantastic material can be a strong announce the new birth of Chanel's new originality. These are some other types of this series of earrings put forward by Chanel. All of them are of fine delicate design and high-qualified materials like gold, silver and cystals. Which one do you like?