Did you ever feel embarrassed that when you have dinner with your friends, lover, or have your quality time with your family, suddenly your mobile rings loudly? Answer it, makes the others unhappy and reduces your repast mood, but reject it might be very impolite. You can’t power your mobile off because you may use it anything unexpected time. Then what should you do? Now you have an easy way to solve this problem. It is a handkerchief, but don’t belittle it, it’s not a normal handkerchief, and its name is Phone kerchief. It is made from electromagnetic shielding material that actually blocks phone signals. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: When you are off duty and have your important privacy time, you can use this magic handkerchief, what you should do is just put your mobile into the Phone kerchief, and let the handkerchief surround you mobile, then the unexpected phone calls won’t bother you anything more. When people dial your phone number, they can only hear that: Sorry, the telephone you dial cannot be connected now. Anytime you want to use your mobile, take it out and it recovers to normal. The slogan of this product is “My Phone is off for you”, this is a good-mannered rejection, and it also shows you really value the time with your dinner partner or guests, and this may enhance your relationships. You can put it into your pocket or handbag and carry it anytime anywhere, make yourself more comfortable and forget this embarrassment, enjoy yourself!