During the Spring Festival in 2010, HTC released 4 types of mobiles; they are HTC Smart, HTC HD mini, HTC Desire and HTC Legend. But HTC Desire becomes people’s favorite mobile. Why? Let’s look at HTC Desire’s detailed specifications: The operating system is Android 2.1 with HTC Sense, CPU Processing Speed is 1 GHz, its interface is touch-sensitive screen with pinch-to-zoom capacity, and the size of its screen is 3.7 inches, a big screen for you to watch videos on it. The storage of HTC Desire is 512MB+576MB, and a microSD memory expansion slot (up to 32 GB). The resolution is 5 megapixel color camera, face detection capability, auto focus and flash, widescreen photo capture and photo geotagging reduces many troubles when you tagging photos. The battery capacity is 1400 mAh, its standby time is up to 360 hours if you use WCDMA and up to 340 hours if you use GSM. It has some special features: 1).Automatically lowers the ringer volume as soon as the phone is picked up; 2).Mutes the ringer when the phone is flipped face down; 3).Backs up certain data and settings to the microSD card automatically, such as SMS/MMS messages, bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords, and more. Comparison between iPhone 4 (left) and HTC Desire(right) Same as some other smart phones, HTC Desire can connect WIFI, you can surf the Internet through USB. With a pinch of your fingers you can see all seven of your home screens. So you can easily switch between the weather, your friends social networking updates, your work email and anything else you care to look at. So far, HTC Desire is earning praise as one of the best Android phones yet, and it is the No.1 on the list of the best HTC phones in December 2010 and January 2011. What about in the future? Let us anticipate together!