Credit Repair To-Dos

Credit repair is simple. It may require some effort, but if you take these basic steps you will witness a dramatic transformation in your credit reports and scores. Here is the essential credit repair to-do list that will help you reach your credit goals before you know it.

Do Open New Accounts

Now is the time to get back on your feet. Do not wait until your credit repair project is successful before opening new accounts. You should rebuild now. In fact, your credit scores will go nowhere without open and active accounts. Do not worry about getting denied; secured cards are an easy and guaranteed way to rebuild today.

Do Avoid Store Accounts

Not all forms of credit provide an equal credit repair advantage. Consumer debt, such as store cards, will not give you the same benefit as a MasterCard or Visa, even if you manage them perfectly. But a late payment will cause your score to fall more dramatically than a derogatory event on your MasterCard or Visa. Choose your credit carefully.

Do Keep Your Balances Down

Your credit scores are sensitive to your revolving balances. The higher your balances, the lower your scores will be, and vice versa. There is no lasting harm done by using your credit cards, but if you need your scores to be their best in the short term, you will need to get your balances down, and keep them there until you have achieved your goals.

Do Start a Savings Plan

Too many people have started credit repair, and made great progress, only to see their scores fall because of a late payment. Unforeseen events will happen, it is best to be prepared. If you start a savings plan you will be able to absorb the cost of unexpected expenses without falling behind on your monthly payments. A single late payment can send your scores into a tailspin. Take precautions.

Do Dispute Reporting Errors

If you see something on your credit report that does not look right, dispute it. This is an essential step in any credit repair process. Credit reporting is prone to errors, and errors can easily translate into financial harm. Errors can lower your scores, and lower scores can raise the interest rates you pay on money you borrow. Do not be shy, dispute errors with the credit bureaus. They will be fixed.

Do Stand Your Ground

If you dispute an error with the credit bureaus and that error is verified by them as accurate, you should not give up. Remember that every point on your score is important, and errors can cost you money. If you want your credit repair effort to be successful it is important to stand your ground. You do not have to accept verification as the final word. Write back and push the issue. Stand your ground and you may yet prevail.

Do Succeed

Credit repair works. Make the effort and you will succeed. The process is simple and the results are invaluable. As the months go by you will have the pleasure of watching your credit report improve and your scores go up. As this happens, doors of opportunity will open. Lenders, employers, insurance companies, and even landlords will see you in a new light. Start working on your credit repair to-do list today and success will be yours!

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