A long-lasting life of watches needs a regular maintenance. The following are some practical tips for cleaning and maintaining your watch properly. 1 When your watch is dirty, you should clean it with soft-bristle brush if it is not waterproof. But if it is waterproof, you should use mild detergent mixed with some water to brush it. And then, a soft and clean cloth should be used to clean it and make it dry. If the dirt has infiltrated into the inner of the watch, chemical detergent should not be used because it may damage the inner parts of your watch. 2 If there is a little fog in the watch glass, you should use toilet paper or a piece of soft and clean cloth to absorb the moisture, and then take it to be dried. You can take your watch near a 40-watt bulb and make it dry or you can put it in a shadow place to let it dry itself. However, if much water enters the watch, you should take it to the experts quickly and let them check it. They will apply some specific oil to clear the water preventing the mechanisms from getting rust. 3 If your watch is waterproof, you should be careful that the leather will be out of shape if it is affected by moisture or water. The watch should be placed away from the magnetic stuffs in order to protect the accuracy of the watch from being affected. Since the hardening of the waterproof cycle would weaken the water resistance of the watch, you should change it regularly. 4 If your watch is mechanical, bear in mind not to shake it violently. If you are going to play games or do something with high-intensity, do not wear it. And you’d better not open the watch cover by yourself, or the dirt will get into the watch. 5 If you have participated in some water activities with your watch, you should attach great importance to the maintenance period. You can do this by yourself. Try to wipe the metal and the waterproof rubber strap by using a soft soapy cloth in order to remove the chemicals of the sea water or the filtered water in the swimming pool. Then, a wet cloth should be used to wipe further, and finally, you can let it dry in a shadow place. With your care and the practical cleaning and maintaining tips, you can keep and use your watch for a long period of time.