C-ELINE Brand is treated as a close friend by the  famous French actress Signer over the years and in Celine 2010 he was in  the latest series products and in the spring was invited as a guest  designer. In his love for the boots which can be worn all year around,  and she cannot wait to design their own boots. Rather, it is a pair of  stylish, fun, colorful, cowboy boots decorated with skeletons in Mexico,  which was inspired by the Roman Polanski 1968 in the film: “Dance of  the vampire.”  Both sides of soft calf skin boots are decorated with original  designs – in full bloom in the thorns and leaves the blood-red ribbon  raised thorns, which is the design of that section, they are practical  and stylish Hobo bags have the same theme, it reflects her strong  personal style. As a cowboy fan, she does not deny that these boots are  adhered to the Mexican art and traditions. It will be the most  prestigious leather goods designing company to produce Stallion, Texas,  and the traditional leather craftsmen and unusual designing as a  challenge. They spend more than ten hours of discussion, to determine the unique design of cowboy boots decorated this  request cutting, folded, mounted, screw joint, and how to sew up a  block of colored leather, these decorative design technology are  required in cowboy boots on for several decades. And every corner of the  sewing needle requires being precise manual skills, feet at the  stitching leather uppers, leather oblique suture at the heel. They all  need the ancient art of the know-how. Each pair of “Dance of the vampire  cowboy boots,” the sides are silver with a carved solid d Celine nail  marks, and marked with the limited edition merchandise product number.  The actress designed leather Hobo bag adhering to the theme of roses  decorated the same company by the Stallion Mosaic Technology of Mexico  to make boots. Blood red stitching soft gray calfskin bag with  sufficient space and practical in every pocket, all hidden under the  large metal ring flap from Celine WATCH ME series of design style, and  comfortable shoulder width cotton meet quality strap with cool and  unique shape of the “Vampire Dance Hobo bag” for travel or everyday use.