Now, more and more people regard diamond ring is testimony of eternal  love. The styles are different owing to different culture in different  countries. No matter it is implied in China, classic in Italy, or  high-profile in America, the unique fascination that make the diamond  ring precious and stylish. The following writing will take you on a wonderful exotic journey introducing the most classic diamond rings in the world. 1.     Implied Chinese style                 implied Chinese style   The Chinese styles are full of nationality features. There is a wide  innovative space for jewelry designers to make you a satisfied style.  The couple rings is named after “enduring love as the universe”. It  embodies the beauty in mellowness harmony and implication fully. The  designer blesses groom and bride through expressing inspiration,  dedication in China traditional culture. If you are in favor of Chinese  styles, the double rings will be your best choice. 2.     Fashionable Euro-America style                 Euro-America style   Diamond rings of Euro-America style stress richness and sense of  change in vision that results from adaptation of various shapes and  lines in designs. The diamond ring, Tiffany’s classic style, is inlaid by diamonds.  There is a highlight that base revolves in your vision. That is so  stylish and suitable to fashionable bride. 3.     Classic and luxurious Italian style                 Italian style   The Italian diamond rings have strong retro taste, as well as with  luxury in design. The ancient Roman buildings and mysterious heroes in  myths are the earliest sources in Italian leading jewelry brands. They  symbolize the embodiment of beauty and consistent love. If you choose  one of the rings, you will find that idea of your ring is from a long  mysterious tale. It will be amazing. The diamond ring, Bvlgari, is delicate and elegant just like a  feeling the classic bullet gives to you. It will be best for you, if you  favor retro styles. 4.     Romantic French style                 French style   The diamond rings of French style are famous for romance and  elegance. The diamond ring, named after “ballet dancer”, is in perfect  symmetry in style. The two parts of base look like arms of a couple.  They hold each other tightly and dance in a harmonious melody. If you  would like to express your eternal love with a visional object, the ring  is the one. 5.     Delicate Greek style                 Greek style   Greece, an ancient country with long history, is one of civilized  countries. And the diamond rings are all full of classic style.  Much of  inspiration and many elements in design are owed to Greek fairy tales  or discovered relics. So, most of them are creative and classical. If  you choose one of them, you will find yours owns a name the same as a  precious relic or an ancient hero in fairy tale. It will be meaningful  and worthwhile. The diamond ring of Folli Follie is designed to be a beautiful flower and inlaid shine diamond. 6.     Lovely Japanese style                 Japanese style   In Japanese jewelry, there are a lot of lovely designs that is  suitable to gentle women. One of the most famous styles is Mikimoto in  Japanese. It pieces diamonds and pearl together and shapes a love  typeface. Besides, its pink color can reflect great disposition. If your bride is a beautiful gentle girl, this is the most suitable  style. And the love typeface is your direct and sincere declaration for  love.