Once someone asks me the age, I always give her or him a beautiful  answer“I think I’m 25, but by body tell me I am 45” my elder knee is  hurt when I went  climbing by bike last year. I still like to wear shoes in 5 inches heels in past years, but  recently, I have just to wear 3inches high heel shoes or even the  platform shoes for my knees were struggled with my mind. Once you wear  the 3 high heels shoes, they still give you some press on your knees, so  I suggest my friend to wear less 4 1/2 inch high heels is a wise  choice. There is some one used told me that a famous brand of fashion change  the height standard of their high-heels shoes and designing more  comfortable shoes for us. On e of my friend agree with me that it is  more and more difficult to find a pretty but comfortable high-heels  shoes Now I will share some design just in a heel 3.5 or less. Taryn Rose Canela is a tidy shoes which attached  small accessories in the vamp, the mid- heels help to walk stability,  there is a pair of tailor made padding in the shoes. This pair of shoes  is fit for me for the designer of these shoes is a orthopedic surgeon,  she knows my ache. Chrisian Louboutin supplies many shoes which have hidden heels, I have considered to buy one pair. I quite prefer this style. They look compact and being not in an old feeling, but there is plenty interesting in them. There is another beautiful style which attached elegant flowers in  the surface of the shoes, and we can see this design in many occasions. If you are talking about the heels shoes with your friends, didn’t you have strong desire to be a high-heels shoes designer?