Balenciaga is always compared to the revolutionary fashion guide. There are many distinguished personages and noblemen assign to wear Balenciaga dresses. These faithful consumers include the Spanish Queen, Belgium Queen, Windsor duchess and the Morocco Queen who have appraised and elected by many fashion magazines to be the best wearers. Balenciaga clothing is famous for the elegant and gorgeous design and they always refine on the tailor and sewing. Together with the notable clothing, Perfumes Balenciaga also gains the big favor of modern people. If you have the chance to have a touch of its handbags, you will also be startled by their extremely elegance and beauty. There are wide ranges of Balenciaga handbags available in the market, and the Flap bag is what I want to introduce especially for you. This Flap bag is a Balenciaga staple. The design comes straight to the point without the slightest hesitation. There is scarcely any other decoration of the bag besides the metal buckles and straps in the right side of the bag. Though it is extremely simple, the fashionable and stylish sense is naturally and easily felt. Maybe only Balenciaga can make pink and orange look so cool and chic. Made of soft vintage crafted lambskin and aged brass hardware, the flap features the durable quality and luster charming exterior. The front bag is 11″ X 5″ X 8″. There are several versions: pick, orange, pale metallic gold, silver, black and basic brown one. Just choose your favorite one to fit your taste tone. Each of them is priced at $995.00. It is quite reasonable price!  The author is a copywriter concentrating on -Chopard LUC replica men's watches.