Cartier  is one of the most famous luxurious jewelry brands in the world. It  was  established in 1847, Paris, France. The luxuriant and classical  styles of its necklaces, bracelets, wristwatches, rings, and earrings  win the popularity of  upper - class people. Except for the classical  triple - loop design, animals like elephant and birds also become the   main theme of Cartier.

Cartier  has been called “the impetial jewellers and the jewellers' emperor” for  hundreds of years. Its extroordinary creativity and perfect technology  have contributed to human beings the  most unsurpassed masterpieces. The  development of  Cartier has close connections with the Royal nobility  and celebrities all around the world. From the India Prince's huge  necklace,  to the tiger - shaped glasses which followed up like a shadow  of Winsdor duchess, and to the great literati Cocteau  's France  Institute Swordwhich was filled with symbols, Cartier has performed one  after another legend.

Cartier  Love Bracelets adopt the top pure titanium,  diamond cutting and  inlaying techniques. The screw design of the bracelet only can be open  by the lovers with special screwdriver, which stands for to maintain the  permanent love . Its design concept is love, put the  bracelet on the  lover's wrist,and lock the love by using the screwdriver,. Wearing this  bracelet means link the two hearts together. The most special feature of  this bracelet is that it needs the lover to corporate to wear. Thus, it  explains the faith and loyalty of love in a better way.

As for  the unique belief and design of Cartier Love Bracelets, it was praised  highly by the lovers once it appeared on the market, especially for many  star couples, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richald Burton, Sophia Loren  and Carlo Ponti, and Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinnatra.

The singer  Faith Hill, the super star Eva Mendas and Richal Weisz all wear Cartier Love Bracelets

Rosario Dawson and Usher'd Cartier Love Bracelets

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's love token

Debra Messing also likes Cartier Love Bracelet
Cartier legend is still on the way, welcome you to realise your legend and obtain a true lover forever!