Do you know UGG? Usually we think UGG is a famous brand, but, it is a concept of one kind of shoes instead of a brand. UGG, commonly means snow boots, was grown up in Australian during the First World War. At that time, Australian pilots wrapped two pieces of sheepskin to keep their feet out of the cold, and then it spread gradually in Australian. Now, there are many famous brands of snow boots, such as  UGG Australia,Yellow Earth and so on. The primary name of UGG was ugly boots which means not beautiful. Then, Australian people change the name and called it UGG; it represents this kind of boots which was an organic whole in sheepskin and round head, 1994, there was an American registered the trademark UGG Australian, and then the manufacture turned to be Chinese. After that, American started to rush register the same trademarks in many other countries, however, they were failed when they rushing registered in Australian, and the reason for it was  UGG was an Australian brand originally, so the UGG trademark can be used by native manufactures. At present, the most famous leather shoes brand is Yellow Earth in native Australian, and this company is purchased by a Chinese people who set up many factories to made UGG snow boots, also supply OEM for American. American’s UGG Australian accesses to Chinese mainland first and their brand promotion is developed very well. Lately, Yellow Earth also expands their marketing in china and popularizes their brand. Now, two opponents are commencing to rush register the UGG trademark, having gone through the last rushing register event, Australian start to protect their brand. Now they all try their best to gain more consumers and marketing shares in china, and in this winter, I have seen many UGG snow shoes in my way of work.