Necklace -  with white gold as the decoration. Platinumnecklace - decorated by 118 rubies which totally weigh 210 carats. The surroundings of the necklace are embellished by baguette diamonds. This is also a necklace, it consists of six aquamarines which include baguette-, square-, and rose-cut diamonds, in the center of the jewel, a natural pearl is inset and enhance the value of the jewel. You may feel it is a curtain when you firstly look at it. Actually, this jewel is a necklace as the above three. The front of the jewel is cacholong which looks like a flower and weighs 171carats, the center of the flower contains a yellow diamonds, pink sapphires, and rubies. In the behind, there are 240 peridot beads which weigh 537.87 carats. Hypnose Ring (which has the same name with one mascara cream of Lancôme), it is also made of white gold, with black- finish on the surface of the ring. Bangle - It looks like the head of tiger, you can wear it on the wrist or foot ankle. The whole jewel is made of white gold, the nose is onyx, and the eyes are emeralds. Your eyes may be shining when you look at this jewel because it has so many beads on it. It is a bracelet, with ribbed coral beads on it. The center of the jewel is emerald. This jewel consists of several colors; it is platinum with rubies, carved emeralds, and sapphires. It is a bracelet. This jewel is also a bracelet as the above two; it consists of one opal which weighs 88.58 carat and emerald beads which weigh 261.84 carats. The accessories are also platinum. Brooch -  we can see the above picture is a dragon, and it is made of platinum, the thing that the dragon hold is an opal, which weighs 37 carats, the eyes of the dragon is emeralds, and the ribbed emerald in its claw weighs 5.2 carats.