Are you searching for a ring for your beloved? Tiffany’s diamond rings may help you out by providing so many splendid ring styles. No 1 Round ring with Pear-shaped Side Stones Round Brilliant Ring with Pear-shaped Side Stones This is the one I love best. The most charming part is the brilliant stones which add more brightness and luxury to the whole ring. With the pear-shaped side stones, the central diamond looks more outstanding and attractive to your eyes, though it is only 0.5 carat. No 2 Round Brilliant with Chanel-set Band Round Brilliant Ring with Chanel-set Band If you log in my blog often, you may find that in my previous article, I recommended some Chanel diamond rings, and among all of them, there are two Chanel Set Diamond Rings in Platinum that are just similar to this one. With large round diamonds around the ring, the ring seems more sparkle. The big central diamond is delicately cut and adds more shine to the whole design. No 3 Round Cut Diamond in the Tiffany Setting Round Cut Diamond in the Tiffany Setting Really a classic ring style, yes? It is relatively simple but luxury with the large diamond in the center. No 4 Round Brilliant Ring with Bead-set Border Round Brilliant Ring with Bead-set Border   The very design of this ring, a combination of a very large diamond and a relatively thinner ring can draw our eyes at the first sight of it. I love this one because of the delicate design and craftsmanship of the diamond as well as the decorating edge around it. The large diamond is the absolute luxury statement! No 5 Lucida Diamond Ring Tiffany Lucida Diamond Ring You may feel that this ring is relatively simple. But it is really big and beautiful! This is the very design of a “heavy” ring! Actually speaking, the most appealing part to me is not the diamond, but the ring which shows fine delicate cut of the precious metal. No 6 Tiffany Legacy Diamond Ring Tiffany Legacy Diamond Ring Another charming ring with a big diamond! The body of the ring is encircled by small round stones, which are going well with the small round stones encircling the big central diamond. No 7 Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Tiffany Emerald Cut Diamond Ring The square-shaped diamond makes the ring unique. But the ring is of a simple style since there are no so many decorations. But sometimes, some people are pursuing such feelings of classics and dignity. No 8 Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring Tiffany Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring Yellow diamond is the most shining part of the ring. Just the colored diamond adds more luxury and elegant elements to the ring. Both the yellow diamond and the small round stones around the ring give the ring enough excuse to be extremely expensive among all the rings.