Improving your credit score requires effort, persistence and time from you. The length of the improvement of your credit score depends entirely on you, the game pan that you will set to follow and what kind of loan you want.

The best possible ways on how to improve your credit score fast is by doing the following tips:

* You must first obtain your credit score from the three credit bureaus. TransUnion will give you your score free through the phone while Experian and Equifax will give you your score for a small amount of money, about $7. Aside from your score, get a copy of your credit report also from the credit bureaus. Remember that each credit report comes with a confirmation number. This number serves as your passport in following up items in the credit report.

* Your credit report lists all your credit history for years. Look for inaccurate items (like unpaid debts that you actually paid) and dispute them with your creditor. If you have proof that you have already paid it, show them to your creditor. As much as possible, ask your creditor to delete those items or place a mark saying that it is paid. Disputing any derogatory items is your right so exercise it. Dispute with persistence until they get weary of you and delete the item. Every item deleted can account to 20+ points increase in your score. So keep disputing over the phone or via the Internet.

* Know the ways to pull your credit report. When you apply for new credit, you allow lenders to inquire for a copy of your credit report from credit bureau. Inquiries made about credit can cause good or bad things for your score. Inquiries are classified into soft and hard inquiries. Hard inquiries are from an application you made for credit that can affect your score. Soft inquiries are made by possible employers, businesses that you have credit with, and yourself. So limit yourself to the soft inquiries.

* Do you have an ugly credit report for seven years but your recent report is good because you pay debts and bills on time? Do not worry if you have, lenders will only see the past 18 months of your credit! So whether you declare bankruptcy two years ago, it will not go against you provided that you have a good credit report in the last 18 months.

* One of the most important ways on how to improve your credit score fast is by paying collections that you have. Pay on time, do not be a delinquent payer. Small or big collections pay it.

* The types of loan that you will apply for have a factor. If you apply for home or auto loans, there is a good possibility that you will get it. Most lenders will approve that kind of loan because these are secured debts wherein lenders have the collateral in the loan. If you cannot pay any longer, they can take your house or car as the payment for your loan.

* Lastly, make sure that you only have three to five credit lines. You can have a car loan, three credit cards and a mortgage.