You may find that you can buy stock shares online for less than it has cost you to place the order direct to a broker. A number of the brokers that offer the option of placing the shares online offer lower commissions for the service. The result is quite simply that you are able to place the same trade for less money.

There are some drawbacks that may not appeal to some people though. You simply do not get to speak with a broker. If you are accustomed to speaking with a broker on the telephone when you place the trade you may miss that. Especially if you spoke with the same broker on a regular basis there can be a certain amount of security and reassurance involved in the speaking to someone. In addition if the broker was able to supply you with insight and make recommendations you may want to consider supplementing your online trade with additional options. These other services such as stock picker programs and suggestions from brokers online can help to provide the information that has put you at ease in the past.

Depending on your broker you may not have all of the same trading options when you buy stock shares online as well. You can typically expect to place standard types of trades online. These include stop orders on purchases and stop loss orders when you sell. In some cases though you may experience specific limitations based on your broker. For example, some online brokers may limit the stocks that you can trade. They may not allow trades of penny stocks for example. Or they may not allow the trading of some funds that are traded on the stock exchange. Some brokers that offer services such as placing trades over the telephone may have restrictions like this as well.

When you choose to buy stock shares online there are research options available for free. The services that are available include vast databases of historical stock prices and news headlines that are related to the stocks that are being researched. In addition there are resources that are more specialized. For example analysts sometimes create focused reports on particular stocks, or that reference particular stocks. These are often available online, but may cost money.

Your specific broker may offer special services to you for holding an account. These include reports and stock recommendations that may help you when you are preparing to buy stock shares online. The best approach is often to consider all of the information that you have available to you. There is a measure of unpredictability in the future of some stocks. As a result there is the possibility that you may lose money on some trades. This is a reality of investing. There are specific funds and strategies used when you buy stock shares online that can work to reduce the risks involved. You can usually learn more about these from the materials on your broker's website, along with the resources that are mentioned above and found online.