This winter is so cold that we are expecting spring’s coming, but it is good time for fashion fans to show their personalities. They are planning how to purchase their beloved handbags to meet their demands in upcoming spring in 2011. What kinds of handbags are the most suitable for this spring, and make you outstanding among the crowds? Today, let’s have a look! Top 1: Bamboo & Rattan Woven Bags In summer, bamboo woven bag is absolutely indispensable, because it features in sturdy and durable. Now, Hermes put its eye to this woven bag. Hermes Kelly bag has a variety of leather appearances, while the Kelly Picnic bag also combined with the leather and woven rattan in this spring and summer. However, this bag is so valuable that you cannot easily enjoy the picnic with it. Top 2: Eye-catching Colorful Bags At the beginning of PRADA 2011 Summer show, the hot orange, bright turquoise green, dazzling royal blue have impact people’s attention. The retro style handbags are still popular in this spring and summer 2011, the only difference is that the retro style still exists compared with autumn and winter, but the colors are exaggerated bright. So enjoy this colorful fashion show with it. Top 3: Black & White Bags In Chanel’s 2011 spring and summer campaign, we can see there is only pure black and white color coupled with a different single product, but there are still very classic. The 2.55 bag matched with totem pattern makes many people fondle admiringly. Most of people may feel that some of Chanel’s campaign style is similar, but it cannot be denied that this is the real classic. If one day Chanel don’t use camellia any longer, I think the world may become confused. Top 4: Rough Pope Bags American designer Jeremy Scott devil’s cooperated with Longchamp in the ninth season, once again using the classic Le Pliage bag type. They are inspired by the Physalospora red dress in Jeremy Scott 2011 Press Conference, printing the rough black and white wheel logo on the gray cotton canvas bag, and matching the black leather handle, so make the bag become rough and pope from the visual effect. However, it is really hard to see what it is printed as if nobody explained. Top 5: Sunshine Handbags The Marc Jacobs 2011 spring series just like a perfectly painted garden reflected the early morning sun. The sunshine feeling also penetrated in the handbag series, which are not strong midday sun, but the gold or pink light in dawn, so that it makes people feel warm and comfortable. Now, how do you think about those bags? I suppose you may want to get all of these, because each of them is appreciate for you to get. So just take them back to accompany you spend this spring and summer as if you are attracted by them.