Investing in stock is a money-making venture and one of the quickest and the smartest way to add extra dollars to your income. Investing in stocks could be very easy if there is enough knowledge and literature available on how to start, where to start and with what stocks to start.

There are many sites which provide the necessary information on how to invest in stocks and help and instruct the investors begin safely and smartly. This article is among the like to help the new investors on how to invest safely and smartly in the stocks.

Select the appropriate way to invest:

There are four major ways to invest in stocks. You can either begin with 401K or the 403b plans depending on the organization you work with or another way to begin can be by investing in the various IRA accounts available. Among the various IRAs, you can choose the scheme which is suitable for you. Stocks can also be bought through brokerage or directly from the stock exchanges. It all depends on from where you intend to buy the stocks.

Decide the type of stocks you wish to have:

There are basically five types of assets which are owned. These include common shares, preferred shares, bonds, money markets, real estate investments and mutual funds. You can select any type of stock among these, if you have experience or knowledge about the stock market. In case you plan to invest through brokerage account, the stock brokers will always assist you in selecting the appropriate one.

Do research on the company and its stock performance:

Having complete knowledge on the stock you desire to invest is very important. Improper and incomplete analysis of the stock will only lead to losses. There are various websites which provide the information and the past and present performance analysis data of the stocks. Alternatively the performance analysis can also be done based on the annual reports released by the company itself. The stock brokers are also a reliable source who can help in gathering required information on the stocks.

Other factors which also needs to be considered in the your research study should include the price of the entire company as there is possibility of you ending up overpaying for the stocks which is not required at all, whether the company is interested in buying back its shares, considered your interest in buying the stocks and the time period you desire to keep your money invested in these stock.

Selection of the appropriate stocks:

Based on the research, you can select the most appropriate stocks which will maximize your return. It is always recommended to have diversified investment strategy owing to the fact that, no stocks are consistent in providing the same returns over a period.

Also you need to consider the fact the stock market runs in the cycle form. The stock values are rated high when the investors are confident in it and then it sees a downturn when the investors feel that the company is not doing well and again over a period.

If you are a first time investor, it is always recommended to invest through a broker who can help you build a diversified and well defined portfolio considering your investment budget. Investment in stocks is the always good source of additional and smart income provided you have knowledge in the same.