The wallet a man is using reflects his taste of fashion, his view of life and even his attiude towards money. Hermes wallet is always one of the top brands of the line of wallets. Hermes men's wallet features its high quality, exquisite and brief styling as well as a quality of maturity. There are three Hermes men's wallets which are sure to make you a more charming man. Hermes Bearn Wallet with top quality calfskin and classic design is the best choice for any man who wants to produce the profile of a capable and experienced gentleman. The palladium "H" tab closure is traditional and classical. Apart from its remarkable appearence outside you can find that the wallet is pretty polished inside: five credit card slots, 2 additional pockets and change purse with zip. Besides, the size of this wallet is suitable and you can put it inside your jacket's pocket or your bag. Hermes MC² Socrate Wallet, without extra decorations, it features its authentic appearence. It has one banknotes pocket, 1 gusset pocket, 2 additional pockets and 6 credit card slots. The interior design of this wallet is very convenient for busy career men. Three colors are available for this style. Person who chooses this wallet must be a man who has top-grade life both in work and in his family. Hermes Zip-Zap Money Holder is unique among the line of Hermes wallets. Rich brown swift calfskin and silver plated zipper closures which make it different from other wallets. The wallet looks very fashionable outside. It has a banknotes pocket and two small pockets for money and credit cards respectively. If you like brief style but you don't want to be boring, you really should purchase this wallet for it is not complicated but it stands out to show your extraordinary taste for fashion. Hermes wallets for men reflect not only users' perspective of fashion but their positive attitude towards everyday life. Therefore people who possess Hermes wallets must have a good control of their own destiny.