Coming in a large variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and functions, today’s cell phones on the market can easily make you feel dazzled when you plan to pick out and purchase one. What’s worse, salesmen’s opinions on which type of handsets from informal sources are better vary from each other. Some of them advise you to buy the Hong Kong licensed mobile phones; some of them advise you to buy the European licensed ones; and some of them suggest that you buy the high imitation handsets which may seem unfamiliar to you and make you wonder what they are. As the name implies, they are those that perfectly imitate the licensed or branded mobile phones. Their characters suggest that their appearance is the same as the branded ones but with lower prices. Their quality is just so-so and their menus are a little bit different from those of the licensed handsets. As it were, half the expenses on a regular low-end Nokia phone are enough for a full-featured high imitation one, which is greatly attractive to people who know less about handsets. The low price which acts as one of the biggest advantages of the high imitation handsets owes to the comprehensive and low-cost plan of MTK; and the advantage will be likely to continue for a long period of time. Everything has two sides and the high imitation mobile phone is not an exception. Almost all of them are known for versatility which may be stronger and richer than the original ones’ functions, such as the built-in stereo bluetooth headset, and four speaker, etc. Second, their appearance makes no difference with that of the original ones at first glance. However, if having a close-up view of the former, you’ll find the two’s differences on the workmanship. After all, the latter have costed tens of thousands of dollars to make molds while the former less than dozens million. Third, their prices are much lower than the original handsets, which act as the trump card to compete with the world’s major mobile phone makers. Of course, they have shortcomings, of which the insecure after-sale service is the biggest. Moreover, they have many built-in SP charges traps. Once tapped accidentally by the user, these traps will produce related cost without any prompt or secondary confirmation of it. Even so, many a consumer cannot withstand their temptation, especially the low-end consumers who will always think first of them instead of the licensed cell phones. However, most of them don’t know the risks and unknown factors in the high imitation handsets market. Without related experience and knowledge, it’s difficult for someone to distinguish whether one is in good condition or not. Currently, there are mainly two ways of purchasing the high imitation mobile phone. To save time, you can make your order on the Internet. Of course, you can go to the local cell phone market by yourself. Actually, none of them provide all round China service, but the good news is that you can enjoy a one-year guarantee at the spot where you make your purchase. However, different shops are of different reputation. Therefore, to choose a creditworthy seller is very important. If you’ve pitched on one in a cell phone shop, you must compare the handset’s actual attributes with the selling points provided by the seller to see whether both the two aspects can match with each other. Remember not to blindly believe the selling points on the external packing. What you should do is to determine its camera's pixel as well as its sound and imaging devices like the speaker, and screen. Then, you should make certain whether the fittings, including the battery, data line, and headset, etc, are complete or not. And you’d better put on the earphone to see whether the sound comes out wonderfully as well as make certain how long the handset’s standby time is. Compared with the former, online shopping is more worrisome for one can only see the pictures of the product. However, after mastering some basic skill and methods, you are very likely to get one to your satisfaction. Above all, never believe the hype of certain mobile phone, like original internals, etc. For example, the shell of the Samsung W699 will cost almost one thousand yuan, not to mention the mainboard of it, which may easily cost at least three thousand yuan. Therefore, the more fancy the description is, the more unreliable the product is. Generally, the major businesses value their products’ quality and after-sale service very much, without which they can never win more repeat customers. However, several online shops’ handsets sell very well but these shops are without repeat customers. That is because that the sales volume is concoctive or these shops are aimed at making exorbitant profits with extensive advertising. Therefore, to purchase one that is with good quality but with low price on today’s complicated cell phone market is not that easy. Even the licensed ones may often go out of order, still less the high imitation ones. However, whatever our country does, they have to hide themselves from place to place, which may limit their growth. Even though they are booming today, their future is unpredictable. Actually, the buyer and the seller are members of the high imitation mobile phone "biologic chain", so they both should respect the truth to let these phones remain their characters as well as quit making use of them.