We may always saw this logo on the street. Yeah, it's Chanel, the most famous brand in the world, especially its perfumes. Here I will show you two kinds of Chanel products. Recently, Chanel Company has detruded two kinds of products: Chanel No.5 Deodorant Powder and Chanel No.5 Perfume. These two creations capture the legend of Chanel No.5. The combination of No.5 Deodorant Powder and Perfume show us the new world and release the permanent magic of No.5. No.5 Perfume With the mysterious face, Chanel No.5 has been a legend for a long time. Chanel No.5 Perfume and it is praised highly by women, the special feature and fragrance of Chanel No.5 is also regarded as the taste of a woman. When you open the bottle, a light fragrance will enter into your nose. This fragrance is made of the balm tree flower from Comoro Islands and aurantia flower from Grasse. The main fragrance of the perfume is the combination of Roses in May and jasmine from Grasse. The design of perfume bottle is more luxurious and it shows more female demeanors than any other kinds of perfumes, the unique design of the perfume bottle meet the need of present women and the inter desire of their heart. You can spray the perfume as you want to. When the fragrance scatters in the air, you can close your eyes, use your heart to enjoy the perfume. Of course, you’d better spray less in the day time in order to keep the charming flavor. At last, close the perfume bottle lightly with the most elegant gesture, and you also maintain the secret of Chanel No.5. Chanel No.5 Deodorant Powder This kind of powder has a fine and smooth powder, the color also appear pale pink. If you put it on the skin, you will feel comfortable. The fragrance of roses and jasmines will make you feel the happiest time in your life. So ladies, let Chanel keeps you charming forever!