UGG, a legendary name, people often cannot understand the ugly and  cumbersome appearance of the snow boots in their first sight, but it  used popularized in Asia and now are becoming a new fashion trend which  is caused by many western famous stars all over the world. The history of UGG Australian ugly boots can trace back to 1988, a  young surfing man who is an Australian one take a shipment of ugly boots  to America. During the past years, craftsman of Australian had been  kept a habit to produce ugly boots on the seaside of New Zealand,  however, just this intelligent man who had business sense tried to take  the traditional products to America. At that time, he just took few number pairs of these ugly boots in  strong self- confidence to cry his goods for sale in New York streets.  Is was unlucky in the beginning, even he was failed to sell any one pair  of ugly boots, but he did not give up and still believed there must be  success one day, he thought there were great potential marketing in  America.  So, he decided to find chances in California, he found that there had  had some sellers like him were selling the same ugly boots there when  he arrived. But he worked off 48 pairs of ugly shoes to 5 consumers in  the first day; there was no adult that the surfing sport of California  attracted those sheepskin boots in high quality from Australian. Then,  UGG ugly sheepskin boots became a prerequisite for every surfing man  after he went ashore. From then on, UGG Australian became a world wide famous luxury brand  of sheepskin boots from a small ordinary surfing product brand, and the  product line would never been limited to sheepskin boots but added high  quality products such as leisure shoes, slippers, and some other shoes  which were fit in every season. Take the words of the president of UGG Australian, UGG Australian is a  wise choice, you will never want to get them off once you wear them,  the ingenuity, reliability and super comfortable feeling all are  fascinating you.